Nespresso Korea Launches New Ad Campaign Featuring Hollywood Stars and Kim Go-eun as Brand Ambassador

By Jung Ju-hyung

Nespresso Korea, the premium coffee brand, has unveiled its latest advertising campaign featuring renowned Hollywood stars, including actress Kim Go-eun, who has been chosen as the brand ambassador.

Nespresso Korea expressed their rationale behind selecting Kim as their brand ambassador, citing her captivating charm and versatile acting abilities across various genres. They also highlighted her genuine commitment to social contribution and environmental protection through donations and active participation. These values align with the principles cherished by Nespresso Korea, and the brand looks forward to the synergistic collaboration with Kim as its first brand ambassador.

In response, Nespresso has released a summer commercial featuring Kim Go-eun, alongside Nespresso’s global ambassadors George Clooney and Julia Garner. The advertisement embodies the clever twists and turns characteristic of Nespresso’s advertising campaigns, now enhanced by the enchanting presence of Kim Go-eun.

The ad is set at a house party in Los Angeles and showcases Nespresso’s range of Virtuo coffees, including Iced Regero and Intenso. The storyline revolves around a humorous bet between George Clooney and Julia Garner, wagering on which coffee Kim will choose. The commercial will be aired on Korean TV channels and in movie theaters starting July 1. It can also be viewed on Nespresso’s official YouTube channel.

“We are thrilled to introduce this campaign featuring our newly appointed brand ambassador, Kim Go-eun, alongside globally renowned Hollywood actors and Nespresso’s global ambassadors, such as George Clooney, Julia Garner, and Simone Ashley,” stated Park Sung-yong, CEO of Nespresso Korea. “Together, we will actively promote the allure and pleasure of Nespresso coffee, while showcasing the brand’s commitment to delivering the ultimate coffee experience, perfectly tailored to the discerning Korean coffee market.”

Nespresso’s Virtuo lineup of machines and coffees has been meticulously designed to provide an optimized coffee experience. With Virtuo’s unique Barcode Brewing technology, baristas can customize the brewing process for each coffee by scanning a unique barcode on the capsule rim. This allows for the precise adjustment of water volume, temperature, brewing time, and crema, ensuring the ideal conditions for every cup. Nespresso’s Vertuo coffees are made from the finest Arabica beans, with a touch of Robusta, resulting in a rich and velvety taste. The beans are responsibly sourced in accordance with Nespresso’s commitment to the AAA Sustainable Quality Program. Nespresso has also introduced a range of Vertuo machines, including the Vertuo Plus and Vertuo Next, as well as the recently launched Vertuo Pop in March, all aimed at delivering the ultimate coffee experience in the comfort of one’s home.

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