Konkuk University Announces Applications for the 2024 Academic Year

By Chung Ju-hyung

Konkuk University has commenced its application process for the academic year 2024, accepting submissions from July 3-5.

The application requirements for prospective students are categorized into three types. Type 1 encompasses overseas nationals and foreigners, including children of overseas workers who have undergone at least three years of middle or high school education abroad. This category also includes children of overseas dispatched employees, local employees, and self-employed individuals. To be eligible for Type 1, applicants must fulfill the criteria of enrollment, residency, and employment abroad, as well as have completed the equivalent of the Korean academic curriculum (12th grade).

Type 2, open to overseas Koreans and foreigners, pertains to individuals who have completed their elementary, middle, and high school education abroad. There are no limitations on the number of available seats for this category.

Type 3 caters specifically to North Korean defectors as defined by the Act on the Protection and Resettlement of North Korean Defectors. It is important to note that this category does not include children of North Korean defectors born in a third country.

For the upcoming academic year, Konkuk University aims to admit a total of 60 students under Type 1 through the ‘Overseas Korean and Foreigner Entrance Examination.’ The number of applicants for Type 2 and Type 3 is unrestricted; however, the pre-veterinary program has a maximum capacity of three applicants for both Type 2 and Type 3.

Applicants falling under Type 1 and Type 3 are required to take a written test. In the fields of humanities and natural sciences, the written test scores will comprise 100% of the evaluation. In the performing arts category, three times the number of applicants will be selected based on the scores from the initial written test. The second stage of evaluation will consider 60% of the first-stage scores and 40% of the portfolio interview evaluation scores. As for the veterinary programs, Type 1 applicants are assessed using the same criteria as humanities and natural sciences, while Type 3 applicants follow the same process as those in the performing arts category.

The written test consists entirely of multiple-choice questions. The humanities section comprises 40 English questions and 40 Korean questions, whereas the natural sciences section includes 40 English questions and 25 math questions.

Konkuk University has scheduled the written test for July 21, followed by interviews on August 1. The first batch of successful applicants will be announced on September 1. For detailed information on eligibility and the selection process, interested individuals may refer to the recruitment guidelines available on the KU Admissions website.

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