Discover the Wealth Formula of Bodo Shaffer in ‘Leverage of Bodo Shaffer’s Wealth’

[C.P. Chung]  Bodo Shaffer, the renowned global money mentor who has created a craze for ‘economic freedom’ throughout Europe, has shared his wealth formula and economic know-how in the book “Leverage of Bodo Shaffer’s Wealth,” published by Business Books. Through famous books, lectures, and media activities that recorded sales of 10,000 copies, he has generously spread the importance and methodology of building wealth to become the owner of one’s life, accumulating 1800 from ‘Bodo Shaffer’s Money’ to ‘Kira, who became rich at the age of 12′.

The book shows the stepping stone to achieving the economic freedom that Bodo Shaffer asserts exists. It helps readers find answers to where they are now, what goals they need to set, and how to manage their work, money, and life to achieve those goals. The author introduces Bodo Shaffer’s wealth leverage strategy, including a checklist to check current income status, practical tips from the author’s vivid experience, strategies for achieving high income by office workers, freelancers, investors, entrepreneurs, and experts, and success know-how. The book promises to improve one’s income by 20% or double it within three years.

Bodo Shaffer has delivered a special message to Korean readers through the preface of the book, recommending they read it. He said, “I have always been impressed by the way Koreans work. In this book, I have laid out all the secrets of how I worked hard to earn money, as well as the secrets of working smart and quickly accumulating wealth.”

The wealth accumulation formula that Bodo Shaffer applied and practiced in his own life is based on actual lectures and various consulting cases. The book covers five fields of making money (office workers, freelancers, investors, entrepreneurs, experts), how to check the way of thinking about money, 12 rules for making money in a changed era, and how to achieve high income in five fields. Regardless of the circumstances or conditions, the book promises to help readers find the answer to the question ‘How can I make money faster?’ through the leverage of Bodo Shaffer’s wealth.

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